Gammelgård Kunstcenter

"I wanted to go to Herlev with open mind and open eyes. I went around collecting impressions, experiences and ideas in sound and photography, using something like the method of the Situationists’ derive, a slightly aimless walk. A visit at sunset to Smør- og Fedtmosen (The Butter and Fat Marsh) in late winter was a high point, seeing the moon float like a slice of lemon in the still, dark lake, and so was chance encounters with sounds and snippets of conversations on roads, trains and bikelanes. Thinking of Herlev I spread my net wider, soaking up textures.
I discovered a wild borderland a few meters meter wide, a left-alone strip of land between Herlev Kommune and the neighbouring council apparently untouched. Did the two councils need a wildly grown barrier of shrubs between them to keep their land separated? Or was there no regulation for this area, so it has been left to its own?

What appears as a regular borderzone on the edge of the industrial area, an untouched no-mans-land of shrubs and trees turns out to be a small trickling stream of clear water. Following the stream it ends as abruptly as it appeared; a large round concrete pipe takes it under the road, on the opposite side there is no longer any sign of it. A large rental car company with sterile parking lots and waning hedges resides with uninterrupted driveways as if an anonymous cityplanner has un-ticked ‘stream’ on her surveyors map, scrubbed away with the 3D eraser tool." {quote from text in the exhibition}.

Groupshow on the theme of Suburbia with artists Anders Werdelin, Heidi Hove, Thorbjørn Andersen, Kristine Hymøller and curator/artists Sisse Hoffmann og Lotte Agger.


  1. 'The Marsh'. Installation on the floor. Photo 'Night Reflection' and black varnished wooden beams in a game-like setup.
  2. Abstract Colour Slide. Processual photo from painted slide. 75 x 112 cm, 2022
  3. Red Night I. Taken on location in the local 'Butter and Fat Marsh'. Photo A2, 42 x 60 cm, 2022
  4. Butter and Fat Marsh Composit. Photo 75 x 112 cm, 2022
  5. Red Night II. Taken on location in the local 'Butter and Fat Marsh'. Photo A2, 42 x 60 cm, 2022
  6. Installation shot.
  7. Installation shot.
  8. Installation shot.

Soundscape: Field recordings from Herlev and Copenhagen in montage loop, 7:29 min.