Thorbjørn Andersen . Biography.




2018    Touched, Hejserummet, Copenhagen.

2014.   J & T.Exhibiting and curating with guest animator Jay Sayshun. Milcote House, SE1.London.

2011.   Projections. Modtar Projects, Copenhagen.

2010.   There Is NoSolution Because There Is No Problem. Unit 3B, Fringe / Art Sheffield Biannual'10.

2009.   The Geometry ofHope OR 42.000 + 3.600 = 45.600. Supine Studios, London.

2008.   The Recession.Supplement Gallery, London.

2008.   Dark Formalism. Kirkhoff Gallery, Denmark.

2004.   Kragh & HallingGallery. Charlottenlund, Denmark.





2017    The Everynight, Tørreloftet Kbh. Curated by Alaena Turner.

       You were high when I was doomed, IMT Gallery London.


2015    The Casual Gesture,Standpoint Gallery, London, UK. Eye-Eye co-curating projects with Flore Nové-Josserand.

        MixItUp at SMK, The National Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen.

       Club Bohemia. St. Leonards, Hastings, UK.

       UNSEEN Photo fair, Amsterdam NL. with South Kiosk Gallery, UK.


2014   DOMUS MMXIV - The House Show. Curated with Flore Nové-Josserand. Milcote House, SE1.


2013    Survey. With Ferdinand Kragh and LarsBreuer, KANT Gallery, Copenhagen.

       Quare’s Gazebo. One day public art project at the market-day of Spitalfields City Farm, London.

       “Summer” Group show at Cul-De-Sac Gallery, London.


2012    In Which Sad Light a Carved Dolphin Swam. London.

       Re-Culture/Contemporary Art as a way of perceiving European Identity, Patras, Greece.

       CAVE Artfair, Liverpool Biannual 2012, UK.

       London - Munich. Cul-De-Sac Gallery, London.

       Microcosm,Departure Gallery, Leeds. UK.


2011   Young London. V22collection, Bermondsey, London.

      PreviewArtfair, Berlin. Kant Gallery, Denmark.

      S.A.G.S.Woodmill Phase I Exhibition, Woodmill Gallery, London.

      Home Thoughts / London - Munich. Kunstraum, Munich (D). Curator Adela Demetja, Tina Hude-maier and Tomaz Kramberger


2010    Prop.Departure Gallery, London.

       Galleri Egelund. Copenhagen.

       Stardust Boogie Woogie. Part II. Monika Bobinsky Gallery, London.

       Shelf - Part II, Whitstable Biannual, UK.

       Shelf - Part I,Peckham Rye Studios, London.

       The Devil's Necktie. The Woodmill, London.

       There Is No Solution Because There Is No Problem. Unit 3B, Art Sheffield Fringe, 2010.


2008   Wharf Road Project, curated by V22 and Supplement Gallery, London.

      ETHEREAL.Modtar Projects, Copenhagen, Denmark.

      Through a GlassDarkly. Kenny Schachter Rove Gallery, London.


2007 - 2005    

      Matchrace, Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum. ContemporaryArt curated in combination with the collection of the museum.

      EXIT.Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand, Copenhagen.

      Galleri DonnRoca, Odense Denmark. Duo-exhibition with Gitte Bach.

      Still &Sparkling. METIS Gallery, Amsterdam, NL.

      Graduate show.Slade School of Art. London, Uk.

      The BoxExchange. Expodium Art Projects, Utrecht,The Netherlands.

      The LargeFormat in Printmaking. Venice, Italy.

      Day of DamagedGoods / Late Nights @ Whitechapel Art Gallery. London.

      Poets &Ale. Performance. London

      Radio Goya: TheContinental Breakfast Tour. London-Norwich-London. Part of East International Norwich

      BETWEEN. Group show in Raahuset, Cph.

      KLUB SELVSVING.Artist’s collective. Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Denmark.

      The Fleamarket. Temporary Contemporary. Exhibition space London.

      Pricemarks. Museumsbygningen International Auctionhouse of Fine Art, Denmark.


2005 - 1999.

           SelvsvingArtist’s collective, Køge Skitsesamling, Denmark (Collection ofDrawings).

           Charlottenborg Spring-Exhibition 2003.

           Selvsving Artist’s Collective @ Roskilde Festival. 5-day public workshop for drawing.

           AbschiedsKonzert & Elmers Cut, Kristoffersen Art, Denmark.

           Roar.Copenhagen Zoological Garden.

           Selvsving Artist’s collective. Aix NV project space.

           Love Place.Four exhibitions: January/ February/ May/ October. Different locations.

           Charlottenborg Spring-Exhibition 2001

           Curse ofCopenhagen. Q Kunstakademiets Udstillingssted (Q –Academy Artspace)

           Painting On TheMove. Slagelse Arts Association.

           MALF 99,Lillehammer, Norway. Duo with Marianne Hurum.





2015     The CasualGesture at Standpoint Gallery, London, UK. Curated with collaborative platform-

        Eye eye with artist Flore Nové-Josserand

        James Ferris at71 WPR, London. Exhibition in a flat.

        A Public Signby the roadside in residential and non-artistic neigbourhood, with changing posters by invited artists.

2014     DOMUS MMXIV - The House Show. First project curated with collaborative platform Eye eye.Milcote House, London SE1.

        J & T. Duo-exhibition with invited animatoin artist,Jay Sayshun. Milcote House, London, SE1.

2011     Stage For A Day @Projections. MODTAR Projects, Copenhagen.

2008     ETHEREAL. 8 Young british artists. MODTAR Projects, Copenhagen.

2007     Matchrace, NJK -Nordjylland Kunst Museum, Museum of contemporary art.

           ContemporaryArt curated in combination with the collection of the museum.

Including works by Lucio Fontana, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Constant Niewenhuis, Wilhelm Freddie, Asger Jorn, John Kørner, J + K, Rene Schmidt and others.


1999-2007       Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Copenhagen Denmark (MA in Art Theory & Comm).

2004-2006       Slade School of Art, UCL, London. Postgraduate Painting (MFA).

1999            AtelierDansk Oxin, Copenhagen.

1998            Krabbesholm Højskole, Foundation programme


Artist’s Initiatives.


2010-2014       MilcoteHouse Artists Collective. Waterloo, London SE1.

2010-2011       TheWoodmill Education Programme. London.

2002-2007       Foundingmember of Selvsving Artists Collective, Denmark.



Shortlisted Grants & Artists' Residency Grants


2020    MaltAIR Residency, Maltfabrikken, Ebeltoft.

2019    The StateWorkshops, SVFK Photo Lab,Copenhagen.

2015    Shortlist: The 1year Warwick Staffordshire Fellowship, University of Northumbria.

2010    The Woodmill,Artists' Studios and Gallery, London, UK.

2009    Shortlisted forYoung Artist in BBC "The Young Apprentice".

2007 -   2011 The DanishArts Council.

2007    The British ArtsCouncil.

2006    Adrian Carruther'sStudio Award shortlist, London.

2006    The West DeanCollege Artist in Residence. Chichester, UK.

2005    Venice PrintmakingResidency, Italy (1 month)

2004    T. A. Chr. vonIrgens-Berg's Study Grant.

2004    AugustinusFoundation Study Grant.

2003    Konstnärsbyn RydöbrukResidency, Sweden (1 month)




South Place Hotel, London, UK. Painting Commission.

The Spanish Ambassador to Germany, Berlin (D)

V22 collection, London (UK)

Nykredit, Denmark (DK)

METIS Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)

Danske Bank, Denmark (DK)





2012    INDEX_3. Australia.

2012    CAVE Artfair,Liverpool Biannual.

2012    Munich-LondonExchange. Catalogue 56 pp.

2010    Modtar. An archive2007-2010. pp 152.

2010    Shelf. From the exhibition Shelf. Edited by Jim Hobbs / online:

2009    New Danish Art '08,pp 564. Kopenhagen Publishing.

2009    Rundtenom. 8artists interviewed. Published in Øjeblikket Art Mag. Denmark.

2009    The Moon LandingAnniversary. Art Zine, 1000 ed.

2008    Through A Glass,Darkly. Exhibition Catalogue 56 p. Kenny Schachter ROVE.

2007    Matchrace Catalogue, 151 p. Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum.

2005    KLUB SELVSVING. 157p.

2004    IN-BETWEEN-OUT.Artist’s book.

2001    ”Publiction without name” 2 editions, each of 100 eks.

2000    Book-project withJimmy Durham and Malmö Academy of Fine Art.





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