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Press release - The Geometry of Hope

Press Release.

The Geometry of Hope OR 42.000 + 3.600 = 45.600.

By Thorbjørn Andersen.

For the exhibition at Supine studios Thorbjørn Andersen will present a new sculptural installation designed for the gallery space. The sculpture titled "All the plywood of a studio" consists of a catwalk of reclaimed wood shaped into the artist’s signature triangular pattern. The sculpture divides the available exhibition space into two empty parts and directs the viewer towards a choice between boundaries.
On the reclaimed wood you can find the anonymous numbers 42.000 + 3.600 = 45.600 written in ballpoint pen, showing a trace of the plywood"s industrial history.

On the walls of the Supine Gallery is presented new geometric works on glass. The elaborate pieces are executed through a new developed and labor intensive method which investigate the structure of geometric systems and their faults. The painterly method of building up colour is used to explore the relationship between colour, structure and space. The pieces are as much influenced by grammar and Dada as cool sixties" minimalism or historical abstract painting.

The pieces are set in bespoke frames opening up toward the architecture and existing installations of the gallery. The pieces encompass both the closed nature of structural crystalline design and an environmental gesture.

Lastly the exhibition presents an artistic collaboration with Sheffield sound-artist Richard Sides. Richard Sides has translated a previous systematic and geometric painting of Thorbjørn Andersen"s and re-sculpted the design in digital sound. The resulting soundpiece has then been returned to the painter and embodied in a new bespoke object of art which streams the audio.

Opening Hours.
Private view 6-9 pm, 18.09.2009
12-6 pm, Sat-sunday 19-20.09.2009

Supine Studios.
255 Amhurst Road London,
N16 7UN, United Kingdom.

Contact: 07793005634 for Jonathan Batten, Co-Director.

The exhibition is supported by the Danish Arts Council.